• Poligono Industrial El Barranc. C/Dels Seders, Parcela A-4. 46132 Almácera (Valencia)
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Our services include installation projects of all kind of fluids with heat and industrial refrigeration, Boilermaking Jobs and general/preventive maintenance of the industrial installations as well as customer service.

We are specialised in the execution of “turnkey contract” projects in industrial process installations, with emphasis in those where the installation of heat and/or industrial refrigeration is necessary, including its automation.
Furthermore, we are also experts in obtaining maximum energy efficiency by using biomass.

We offer global solutions, providing tailored-solutions to each project

We have large experience in several industrial sectors. We have developed projects within the food and beverage industry, petrochemical sector, furniture, chemical industries, plastic, textile, car, and even in the hospitality sector.

  • Alimentación
  • Petroquímico
  • Químico
  • Plástico
  • Mueble
  • Automóvil
  • Hospitalario
  • Otros

Services Catalogue

  • High, medium and low pressure vapour installations.
  • Industrial Refrigeration installations of up to -10 degrees.
  • Super-heated water installations.
  • Thermic acid installations.
  • Pneumatic installations and compressed air networks.
  • Fire protection systems.
  • General fluid networks.
  • Chemical products storage installations
  • Auxiliary metallic structures.
  • Industrial processes automation.
  • Energy saving systems.
  • Industrial facilities Integrated support.
  • Custom-built equipment (exchangers, boiler homes, solid fuels, bins and feeding arrangements, conveyor belts, smoke purification, pressure vessels).
  • Machinery adaptation