• Poligono Industrial El Barranc. C/Dels Seders, Parcela A-4. 46132 Almácera (Valencia)
  • (+34 ) 96 317 16 76

The management of “INGENIERIA Y MONTAJES BELENGUER, S.L., aims to achieve the greatest level of customer satisfaction by ensuring excellent service quality, environmental protection as well as the support and safety of our employees throughout their careers. This is achieved by ensuring our employees are aware of both their responsibilities and the impact their job has on the company thus, motivating them and improving their experience as members of the firm. We base all of our operations on the following values:

  • We are committed to satisfy our customer’s needs at all time, and further exceed their expectations when possible. Our team aims to work to deliver a proactive service to any needs that may be required by our clients.
  • Meet at all times the legal requisites and regulations applicable to our operations.
  • Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers in order to increase our ability to add value.
  • Work on continuously improve the efficiency of our management operations in order to furhter increase customer satisfaction and ensure our team is fully compromised with this policy.
  • Make use of a sustainable allocation of resources in order to help protect the environment. This is achieved by minimizing waste and preventing contamination throughout our design and assembly operations.
  • Ensure safety rules, including health and hygiene related, are followed at all times in order to avoid any possible accidents that could affect the health of both our employees and customers.